Today's Doll: Dana Graham
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Today’s Doll: Dana Graham

The newest plus size beauty to be featured on Doll is the fascinating Dana. Why "fascinating"? Well, not only is she stunning, she's...well, you're going to have to read on. Tell us about yourself: "I’m a divorced, 41 year old single female with no children, born in Indianapolis IN, raised in Owensboro/ Henderson Ky. I… Continue reading Today’s Doll: Dana Graham

Why Good Sex Rocks
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Why Good Sex Rocks

Good sex… Motivates you. You’ll run a marathon, invent a vaccine, and create a new app. Makes you happy. Like, cocaine in the 1980’s happy.   Makes you feel better. After a gunshot wound. Or a stroke. Makes flowers smell better. Farts smell better. Your old smelly uncle will smell better. Will have you painting,… Continue reading Why Good Sex Rocks

Today's Doll: Sophia Gluhm
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Today’s Doll: Sophia Gluhm

The latest plus size model to contact us and request a Doll Profile is Sophia Gluhm. I think she's a real cutie, and I'm betting you all will too. Tell us about yourself:   "I love anything and everything beauty: hair, makeup, nails, etc. I enjoy spending time listening to music or watching movies with my… Continue reading Today’s Doll: Sophia Gluhm

What is a Fetish/Preference When Dating Plus Size Women?
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What is a Fetish/Preference When Dating Plus Size Women?

Yeesh. This has been a heated topic in the plus size/BBW dating community for years. What is a fetish, and what is a preference? From what I’ve been told, a fetish is a desire/like/want mainly based on a sexual quirk. Feeding, or sitting, etc. A preference is based on a desire for a certain type… Continue reading What is a Fetish/Preference When Dating Plus Size Women?

Today's Doll: Amanda Beamon
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Today’s Doll: Amanda Beamon

Our newest star plus size model is a lass who reached out to the blog because she thinks her curves are The Bomb (they are) and that they should be showcased. I agree, and I think you will too. Tell us about yourself:  "I’m 26 and I have a 8 month old daughter .I enjoy… Continue reading Today’s Doll: Amanda Beamon