Today's Doll: Dana Graham
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Today’s Doll: Dana Graham

The newest plus size beauty to be featured on Doll is the fascinating Dana. Why "fascinating"? Well, not only is she stunning, she's...well, you're going to have to read on. Tell us about yourself: "I’m a divorced, 41 year old single female with no children, born in Indianapolis IN, raised in Owensboro/ Henderson Ky. I… Continue reading Today’s Doll: Dana Graham

Today's Doll: Melissa Avila
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Today’s Doll: Melissa Avila

The latest plus size model discovery from Doll is a mature Latina from the Midwest. The gorgeous natural beauty is also a poet known as Poetic M. She graced Doll with her words...and considerable beauty. What’s cool to you? : "What’s cool to me is originality. Going against the grain and just being yourself. Not… Continue reading Today’s Doll: Melissa Avila

Today's Doll: Sophia Gluhm
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Today’s Doll: Sophia Gluhm

The latest plus size model to contact us and request a Doll Profile is Sophia Gluhm. I think she's a real cutie, and I'm betting you all will too. Tell us about yourself:   "I love anything and everything beauty: hair, makeup, nails, etc. I enjoy spending time listening to music or watching movies with my… Continue reading Today’s Doll: Sophia Gluhm