The Hot BBW Booty Clap
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The Hot BBW Booty Clap

Here's TWO sexy BBW's booty clapping! Here's a video of two craaaaaazy thick chicks (and Instagram models) clappin' them cheeks. Well. I can hear you sayin' "Dayyyyyyum!!!!" from here. Video and image courtesy of YouTube Contact the author: Greg Simms Jr. ( Facebook Twitter

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Today’s Crush: Pixielula

Sexy videos and pics of a SUPER pawg, Pixielula ! I don't know much about her. She doesn't have a bio, or an actual article written about her. According to her Twitter page, she's originally from New Mexico, and she now resides in San Francisco. Maybe after this article blows up, she'll reach out and… Continue reading Today’s Crush: Pixielula