About Doll…

Damn. Where do I start?

I’ll try now. My name is Greg. I’m a long time writer/editor, and long time BBW/curvy/plus size women admirer .


So, as you should probably have figured out by now, I’ve combined my two loves (and one gift), content creation and size acceptance.

Now, let me keep it all the way real. Why would I dedicate a blog to my preference of curvy chicks?


This blog, Doll, is a love letter to : plus size women, tall women, short women, women of color, women of all ethnicities. Plainly put, this site is for…

…the women who don’t KNOW they are beautiful.

Unfortunately, I’ve met a good number of women like this over the years. It’s unfair, sad, and it sucks. I personally know too many women who are physical knockouts and intellectual wonders, who don’t know that they are incredible…because no one ever told them. At least no one who mattered in their lives.

Anyhoo, what I look to accomplish with Doll is to create a media base/portal for women to come to and, feel great about themselves. If I succeed, or even come remotely close to doing so, feel free to contact me. If I veer waaaayyyy too far from the target, feel free to contact me.

I’ll post original content, content that I’ve created for other sites, content from other sites that’s relevant to Doll’s mission, and images that I’ve curated from across the web.

Let’s change the world, and rock out while we do it 🙂

Greg Simms Jr.

EIC/Founder of Doll