Have Sex With The Lights On, Please
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Have Sex With The Lights On, Please.

Ladies! Have sex with the lights on. Real men will love it. Trust me. Ladies, have sex with the lights on. True BBW admirers adore it. Ladies…have sex with the lights on. The guy who really loves you will welcome it.

I get it. Women are made to feel like crap every other day because of unrealistic and unfair beauty standards. That sucks. And that can compel you to turn off the lights during sex with your man (or lady). But, I’m here to tell you, many men, like myself, don’t mind making love with the lights on or off. And, if they are on, it’s a bonus…because I/we get to see all of…you. The women we love.

You don’t have to get busy tonight, and keep the lights on during The Deed. You many not feel comfortable yet. But, if you are interested in getting it on with your partner in an illuminated room, keep this advice in mind. Because, I’m here to tell you, sex is dope when you can see, and enjoy, every part of your lover’s body.

Below are a few cool vids on this subject. Check ’em out, and get inspired!

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