Dating Ice Breakers For Talking To Women in Social Situations
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Dating Ice Breakers For Talking To Women in Social Situations

Here are real dating ice breakers for talking to women in social situations! Ice breakers that are not potentially offensive. Read the list below to learn some important, funny, but honest lessons.

Ice Breaker 1- Them: Asking a woman “How are you tonight?” is pretty much nearly always the right thing to ask, and say. It shows that you have the potential to be concerned about them on a human level, and that’s always cool.

Ice Breaker 2- Them, Part 2: Polite inquiries about a woman’s life are another nearly universally accepted way to break the ice with them. “So, tell me about yourself!” never got me slapped in a bar when I met women. (Quick tip: actually pay attention to them when they tell you about themselves. Blanking out when they start talking is a dick move.)

Ice Breaker 3- Connections: You may see something that may connect you with a woman you are interested in. You may be wearing an Ohio State t-shirt. She may be wearing an Ohio State hat. You may have multiple tattoos…she may have multiple tats. Sometimes, the similarities that you have can be a great starting point for a conversation.

Unless a woman’s wearing a Michigan shirt. Then, she sucks. Talk to her friend instead. (Kidding. Yeah…kidding.)

Ice Breaker 4-The Actual Venue You Two Are In: Sometimes, the loud ass nightclub itself may be a spectacle. And you may not be the only one who feels that way. In my time, I’ve bonded with a few women over the silliness of the club scene, or the desperation in the air of a singles bar. You may meet a wonderful woman who shares the same gift of observation and wicked sense of humor that you have.

Or, you two just may be complete geeks. At least you now have each other.

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