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The 3 Unexpected Places to Meet Women

  Here are all of the unexpected places to meet women! Some, you may already know about, while others may shock you. Read, and learn!

1. The Grocery Store: Some of you may say “Duh!”, but I’m betting a number of you didn’t know about this. The market is one of the best places to meet single women.  Think about it. We all have to eat. And where do we usually get our food? Besides fast food restaurants, we get our food from grocers. And people from all walks of life go to the store to get their food.

 Including single women.

  I know. You’re probably thinking about all of the times you’ve been to the Piggly Wiggly and seen mainly couples shopping, instead of single women. True, mango shopping is a couples’ event. But, your chances of seeing…and talking to, a hot un-attached woman are greater than you think.

  So yep…you could meet the love of your life in isle 5.

2. The Library: I know, I know. You’re thinking “The library? What am I, in high school?!” I’m here to tell you, the library is a great place to meet women. Why?  Because women love to read. It’s a fact (Google the shit). And, if they don’t download books on their phones, they will go to the library. Not to mention that most libraries are quiet spaces where women can relax. If you haven’t been to one in a while, I suggest you go. Check out some books that you’ve been meaning to read, and then check out the ladies. There will be quite a few of them.

  And make sure to at least look like you are at least interested in books. Don’t bring your ass to the library, and start peering at chicks like it’s Happy Hour at a bar.

3. The DMV: I’m serious. The DMV. It’s true. Because I’ve pulled women from there before. Hey, we all drive (most of us). We all have to go to the DMV every year for new tags (Fuck). So, single women have to go, too.

This is kind of a tricky spot to meet women, however. Fact is…no one likes going to the DMV. Except 16 year olds getting their temps. So, if you do spot a woman that you are interested in:

– If she’s getting her yearly registration tags, she’ll be in the mood to talk.

– If she’s getting her license renewed, get her phone number.

– If she’s getting her license renewed after a suspension, and she’s having complications doing so, you may want to consider starting a convo.

– If she just found out that she can’t get her license renewed, get your new tags, and don’t even think about talking to her.

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