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Demetria Obilor Is A Goddess

Here’s HOT videos and pictures of THICK and sexy traffic anchor Demetria Obilor . Curvy. Charming. Bright. Talented. Gorgeous. Like…cosmic-level gorgeous. Demetria is pretty much a supernatural total package. She’s an ambitious, curvy queen who’s primed for bigger things.

Enough of me drooling, it’s now your turn. Check out these videos and pictures on Demetria below, and try hard not to scream “Daaaayuuum!!!!” while you’re still at work.

I’d say she won the challenge.


I don’t think I’d EVER miss a traffic report if i lived in Dallas.

The best work selfie I’ve ever seen.

…and, she’s WOKE.

The face of a star.

You all impressed? Nah…I’m betting you’re all knocked out. That’s what true goddesses do.

Videos and pictures courtesy of Twitter, Tumblr, and Google Images.

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