Songs For Plus Size Women: "Rolly Polly"
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Songs For Plus Size Women: “Rolly Polly”

I’ve got plenty of friends who are plus size women, and, many of them want to find songs for plus size women. Songs about admiring them and…loving them. Maybe even lusting for them. These kind of songs are out there on the interwebs. Here’s one for you that I came across, called Rolly Polly. from Mr. Killa. I love it. It’s a great club song, and the video…the women in it are hot. These are B.B.W.s. Laaaawwwwd. This is a cut from a man who (seemingly) truly digs big women. In other words, he’s a Doll man. Check out the video below. Several times, because I have a feeling you’ll watch it several times. I know I did.

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