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5 Honest and Hardcore Dating Tips for Women

Here’s 5 dating tips for women! Real, trill, and honest tips from a guy who’s done his share of living. And, as the EIC of this blog, it’s my duty to pass along advice that could help anyone navigate dating in this bonkers world. Below are five dating tips for the modern woman:

1. Make sure you want to date. Seriously. :  We all get lonely. We may end up longing for human companionship, and very soon, we may long for love. And that’s great.

Except when that feeling of loneliness is fleeting.

If you feel lonely on Monday, and then Tuesday brag to all of your friends on Instagram that you love your space and your freedom, and you’re hashtagging #ilovesinglelife, you weren’t truly lonely, you just wanted some company for that day. Which is cool.

What isn’t cool is deciding that you want to hit the dating scene, without truly thinking it over. Do you really want to meet a new man/woman? Are you honestly looking for a relationship? Are you sure you want to give up #singlelife? Are you ready to meet someone’s Mom during the holidays? Make sure you’re sure you want to date, and be sure as shi* you want to be in a relationship.

2. Make sure the men/women you meet want to date. For real. : You’ve decided that you want jump into the dating pool. Good deal. Now, you’ve got a few people on deck that you plan on dating/meeting really soon. More good news. Now, it’s time to get real:

Make sure your dates want to date you. Well, date anyone. As I wrote above, people can sometimes start dating before they’ve asked themselves if they really want to date, or start a relationship. Some folks want a shoulder to cry on. Someone to watch Netflix with. A new connection. Or, sex. Which leads to the next tip.

3. What kind of dating are you wanting to do? :  Dating in the classic sense is meeting, going out to eat, possibly catching a movie, and getting a kiss on the forehead when the date ends. Is this the kind of dating you are interested in? Or are you interested in something else?

There’s different kinds of dating. There’s casual, which resembles the date I previously described. There’s destination-specific dates, where you meet someone at a certain spot for a certain amount of time. There’s the coffee shop date, that’s cozy and intimate. And there’s the Booty Call, or the hook-up, that’s a date based on meeting strictly for sex.

Any one of those types of dates is fine. Just make sure you know which one you’re feeling. Or, you’re free to explore all of those options. You’ll just be a really busy girl.

4. You probably don’t want to date Lil Valium:  Quality counts. Everyone has their type, or, types. It’s human. I know many women who like men on the wild side…the edgier dudes. That’s fine. Edgy is cool.

Crazy isn’t.

I don’t have to tell you, stay away from any guy/girl who makes your gut feel funny. If your instincts are screaming at you while you’re talking to someone on Messenger, your DM’s, or a text, there’s a reason for that. They aren’t any good for you. If you meet a guy on Facebook, and he’s muscled like a defensive end, but he’s throwing up gang signs on his cover page…you many not want to date him. If you’re interested in dating a hot woman, but in every other pic on her ‘Gram, she’s smoking weed, and you see no hint of a job/career…you may want to pump the breaks on meeting her. Nobody’s perfect, but try your best to stay away from “Yikes!!”

5. What is your ultimate goal? :  It may be early in the game to ask yourself this question, but you should, if and when you decide to start dating. Are you dating in the hopes that a relationship develops? Are you dating for companionship? For variety? Are you gleefully bed hopping? Having wild and fun sexual experiences? You’re reasons for dating are and will be your reasons…just make sure you have reasons. Your thinking and motives should be clear when playing the dating game. And, that goes for the people you end up dating as well.

Those are my five tips. Do you have any? What say you? Talk to me via the e-mail addy below.

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