Sometimes, Women Need Some Sex (Tonight)
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Sometimes, Women Need Some Sex (Tonight)

Sometimes, women need some sex! Read on to see why!

Women. Need. sex.

Not a date. Not someone to cuddle with. Not a platonic friend to kiss their forehead. Sex. Intercourse. Getting it on. Getting it in. Getting busy.

Some fuuuuggin.

I’m saying this, because I have plenty of women friends on social media, and many of them are happy. They live full, productive lives. But, there are also more than a few of them who long for amorous companionship.

That’s fine. Nothing wrong with wanting to meet people, and to bond with them. It’s awesome to want, ultimately, love from someone else. It’s human.

But, from reading the posts and memes of some of my friends, I don’t think they are looking for love.

They’re looking for lust. Heat. Passion. Sex.

And you know what, ladies? I see nothing wrong with that. All all. (Not that any of you are asking for my permission or approval.)

What I do see that’s “wrong” is women not acting on this primal, but oh so wonderful urge, and just going and…having sex. I see women posting outtakes from dates they went on with men, or posting pics of themselves out at a club or bar looking good…but not looking like they had a good time.

I understand the risks in women having casual sex in 2019. Catching an STD. Having bad sex. Having bad sex with a crazy person. Self-esteem issues. I dig it.

With that all said, girls, once, in a while, you need some penis. You need to pogo stick on some Soul Pole. You need to sweat out that hairstyle. You need your hair pulled.

You need some sex.

If you feel that urge, act on it. If you know just the guy, text him. If you know just the girl and guy, text them. If you want some sex, get some.

Trust me. Your mood will be better…and so will the memes you post.

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