3 Surprising Places To Have Sex
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3 Surprising Places To Have Sex

I’ve written about the different ways to have sex, but I’ve had yet to write about the surprising places to have sex. Until now. Yup, there are places, and instances when you’ll have sex that will shock you. If it hasn’t happened already. If it hasn’t, prepare yourself for a naughty, but informative lesson/list below.

1.On the couch, while watching Netflix. Sometimes, even if you and your partner are actually watching the world’s greatest streaming service, you may end up getting really comfortable, and ‘Netflix And Chilling’, i.e. : having sex. One of the best aphrodisiacs is comfort. And, wearing sweats with no underwear.

2. In the bathroom while getting ready for work. And you wondered why some of your co-workers were always late. Even the most punctual of us have gotten a glimpse of our partners getting out of the shower, and got turned on, while brushing our teeth…knowing we’ve got to hit the road in a few minutes. Sometimes, booty (not duty) calls.

3. In bed, when you actually have time. Your first thought when you read this item was probably, “Huh?” Hear me out. These days, with super-busy schedules, many people may not get to have sex when they typically are supposed to. Like, at night, or, even early in the morning. Our jobs and careers may leave us too tired to get busy in the evening, and/or the dawning of a new day. What could end up happening, is that you and your partner end up laying around in your bedroom on a lazy weekend…and then you two start putting in some work, if you know what I mean. Afternoon sex rocks.

Those are three of my examples. What say you?

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