How To Handle A Breakup
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How To Handle A Breakup

Here’s how to handle a breakup, no matter how hard it is.

Do NOT call the person you just broke up with. At all. You both need space from each other.

Try your best to unfollow them on social media. You’ll drive yourself crazy looking at their pictures and posts.

Take some time out. For, once again, space. And to think. To change. To heal.

If you made mistakes in the relationship, no matter how bad they were, forgive yourself for them. There’s no need to beat yourself up.

Stay single. You don’t need to get back into the dating pool right away. You really don’t.

Drink. Cuss. Throw something across the room. Curl up in the fetal position and binge watch your favorite show. But not for too long.

Begin a healing process, if you need one. No shame in letting your emotional scabs heal.

Try not to do anything rash. No reckless sex encounters, or risky drug experimenting. And no new breakup tattoo.

Do your best to move on from your ex. It will be hard. Very hard. But, you can do it.

Know that things will get better, and you will love again. That’s a promise.

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