3 Ways Plus Size Women Can Be Sexy (If You Don't Believe They Can Be)
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3 Ways Plus Size Women Can Be Sexy (If You Don’t Believe They Can Be)

Here are three ways a plus size woman can be sexy! If you are feeling down about yourself, or temporarily losing confidence lately, don’t worry. It happens to everyone. You just need a reminder of how hot you really are. Not only a compliment, but a…memo of sorts. Well, you should already know that Doll has got you, gorgeous.

Below are three instances of bigger women being f***ing smoking. (Well, four instances, if you count the cover pic.) Let this jog your memory, so you can remember how beautiful you can be…and how beautiful you are now.

Plus size and sultry.

Plus size and confident.

Plus size and….dayyyyyuuuumn.

No need to thank me. The pleasure was all mine.

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