Fellas, How to Know You’re Going to Get Some Tonight
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Fellas, How to Know You’re Going to Get Some Tonight

Men, these are the signals to look for if you want to know if you are going to get some tonight! “Some” is sex. I know you knew that…just trying to be helpful.

“Survey Says!!!!” :

– When your lady/partner tells you they want to sleep with you.

– When she’s not wearing underwear tonight.

– When she wasn’t wearing underwear when she answered the door.

– When you come over to visit, the only light on in the house is from the bedroom.

– When she stalls for time when you are planning to visit…she’s prepping everything for a hot night.

– When she tells you to bring condoms before you come visit, and you didn’t mention anything about sex.

– When she starts sending you nudes, and she’s never done that before.

– When she starts sending you videos? She wants you to come get some on your lunch break.

– When she asks you how strong you are…particularly your back.

– When she’s scheduled to visit your place, and she asks if anyone will be there tonight. And then she asks if your neighbors are nosy.

I’m sure there are more signs. I’ll save them for part 2.

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