Today's Doll: Sarah Briggs
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Today’s Doll: Sarah Briggs

Here are sexy pics of new plus model Sarah Briggs!

We’ve got a new discovery for the blog. Sarah Briggs contacted me, and was very interested in getting a Doll profile of her own. After a few stimulating e-mails, Sarah sent me her pictures, and I was sold. I know you will be, too.

Tell us about yourself: “I am a 27 year old spit fire that has the heart of ten people. Aside from loving myself, I have gained more confidence over the last 5 years by accepting my flaws! We are all beautiful to someone. I am obsessed with tattoos, exploring nature, dreaming, and going to Neverland (Florida) for my home away from home. Born and raised in the Midwest, it has been my comfort zone. Cornfield bonfires and fishing at the creek have been my summer for 26 years.  “

What’s cool to you?: ” I love open minded individuals with creative passions. Learning something new every day is my favorite thing to do. I surround myself with people who have a drive in life that I find admirable. “

What’s sexy to you? : “Being able to see someone’s confidence in a crowded room. Put me in a room full of gorgeous women and you’ll never be able to say “She looks uncomfortable “. Being me is sexy. Loving myself regardless of what others think is my best trait. My biggest turn on in a man is his ability to adapt to his surroundings and feel invincible. “

What do you want to tell the world as a plus size beauty?: “Women, we live in a world where we see all sizes and shapes. We are fierce and dominant in our skin whether we are skinny or plus size. Our job is to love ourselves first. Never knock down someone when you’ve never planned on helping anyone up. Be gold, be pure, be radiant. “

If someone wants to contact you after reading this , how could they reach you? : ” I am prominent on Facebook I look forward to new friends and beauties to follow! Enjoy your journey.”

Sarah speaks, and she shines…like a diamond.

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