Today's Crush: Confidentlyjules
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Today’s Crush: Confidentlyjules

I follow a lot of female plus size models/personalities on Instagram. Some of them stand out more than others, and one of them is Confidentlyjules. Or, @confidentlyjules on The ‘Gram. Why does she stand out?

Well…maybe this is a good reason.

Or this…

Or, this.

You feel me. This California stunner has 316 thousand followers on The ‘Gram, and rightfully so. Jules’ ‘real’ name is Julie Johnson. According to this interview/article from the web-zine Sunday Morning View, Julie’s mission, so to speak, is one of self love:

Julie sees beauty in people who have gone through struggles and found strength within themselves. “On social media, I gravitate towards these women who are struggling with being confident, because I know exactly what that’s like.”

Commendable, for sure. From the amount of followers she has, to her words and focus, it seems she is accomplishing her mission.

She’s also killing the game with her pictures. And making us all fall in love.

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