Today’s Doll: Melissa Avila
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Today’s Doll: Melissa Avila

Here are super hot pics from the new, sexy, Latina plus size model Melissa Avila!

The latest plus size model discovery from Doll is a mature Latina from the Midwest. The gorgeous natural beauty is also a poet known as Poetic M. She graced Doll with her words…and considerable beauty.

What’s cool to you? : “What’s cool to me is originality. Going against the grain and just being yourself. Not trying to follow anyone else’s path. You can never lose with that. “

What’s sexy to you ? : “Sexy to me comes in many forms. It’s the way that you carry yourself. It’s intelligence and being able to carry a good conversation. It shows in the way that you treat people. Sexy comes out in the way that you dress and having your own individual style.”

What do I want to tell the world as a plus size beauty? : “I would like to say that people need to keep in mind that you don’t need to be a size 6 to be beautiful. Beautiful women come in all sizes and always have . The world just needs to embrace that more.”

If someone wants to contact you after reading this , how could they reach you? : ” They can reach me via G Mail: .”

Beautiful and talented. Melissa is a true Doll

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