Today’s Doll: Dana Graham
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Today’s Doll: Dana Graham

Check out these SEXY pics of Black BBW model Dana Graham!

The newest plus size beauty to be featured on Doll is the fascinating Dana. Why “fascinating”? Well, not only is she stunning, she’s…well, you’re going to have to read on.

Tell us about yourself: “I’m a divorced, 41 year old single female with no children, born in Indianapolis IN, raised in Owensboro/ Henderson Ky. I am a mentor for new couples and singles looking to join the Swingers Lifestyle. I also host house parties and occasionally hotel parties in Indianapolis,In. I have a channel on YouTube that discusses topics and advice for newcomers to the Swingers Lifestyle. “

“I enjoy what I do and I enjoy helping others with their journeys. I love to travel to different events all over the United States and love meeting new and interesting people. 
I’m an alpha female who goes after what she wants. My favorite book is The Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle. “

What’s cool to you? :  “What’s cool to me, is meeting and interacting with people who have open minds when it comes to sexuality. I love pushing boundaries and discovering what makes people tick. The human mind is the most interesting thing on Earth to me. “

What’s sexy to you?: “What’s sexy to me is confidence. Has nothing to do with looks, but swag. If you can walk into a room and capture people’s attention without saying a word because you have that swag about yourself, that’s sexy! “

What do you want to tell the world as a plus size beauty?: “As a plus size beauty, I would like to the world to know that this shell of a body that we live in, not who we truly are. Don’t let others define who you are based on appearances. Love, like beauty, comes from within, not from any outside sources. “

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Not only is Dana a Doll, she’s a fuc*ing star. I think you’ll agree. 

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