We Are the Men Who Love Your Curves

If I had to be the spokesman for all men who love your curves (plus size women), I’d say to you ladies:

– We love your stretch marks. Great pu**y comes with stretch marks.

– We love your ‘love handles’. Guess what we’re kissing on tonight?

– We love your big booty when you take those jeans off.

– We love your big booty when you put your jeans on.

– We love your big booty when you aren’t wearing pants at all.

– We love those big legs.

– We love how your leggings and yoga pants fit those legs.

– We love the jiggle of your hips when you walk.

– We love it when you get on top.

– We love it when you leave the lights on.

– We love your confidence.

– We love your style.

We love you. 🙂

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