Find a Man Who Loves Your Curves
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Find a Man Who Loves Your Curves

Ladies! Here’s how you find a man who loves your curves!

Talk to the guy who complements you on your shape.

Leave the guy who shames you for your curves.

Appreciate the man offers health advice, only after you’ve asked for it.

Disregard the man who …Mansplains the reasons why you should lose weight.

Date the dude who can’t wait to show you off publicly.

Ditch the dude who only wants to love you behind closed doors.

Go to spaces and locations where the men respectfully admire you.

Don’t go to places where the men are hostile about your size.

Keep the gentleman who will nibble on every part of your body during an afternoon “session”.

Dump the douchebag who’ll only have sex with you with the lights turned off.

Hold on to the one who loves watching your booty jiggle as you walk by him in your panties in the morning.

Let go of the one who won’t even stay until the morning comes.

Anyone, anything that makes you feel like shit, walk away from it.

Him, or her, whoever makes you smile, strut toward it.

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