Why Good Sex Rocks
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Why Good Sex Rocks

Here’s why good sex with HOT people rocks!

Good sex

Motivates you. You’ll run a marathon, invent a vaccine, and create a new app.

Makes you happy. Like, cocaine in the 1980’s happy.  

Makes you feel better. After a gunshot wound. Or a stroke.

Makes flowers smell better. Farts smell better. Your old smelly uncle will smell better.

Will have you painting, and then building and adding another wing to the house. The neighbor’s house.

Makes jokes funnier. Even Amy Schumer’s jokes.

Gives you courage. You’ll slap the shi* out of the next person who gives you shi*. It’s your brother, but…

Inspire you. You might drop a brand new album at midnight. And you have no musical talent.

Will make you a stalker. A proud stalker.

Clears your head. The only thing you’ll be thinking about for a while…is more good sex. 😉

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