Today’s Doll: Sophia Gluhm
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Today’s Doll: Sophia Gluhm

SEXY pics of curvy model Sophia Gluhm here to see!

The latest plus size model to contact us and request a Doll Profile is Sophia Gluhm. I think she’s a real cutie, and I’m betting you all will too.

Tell us about yourself:   “I love anything and everything beauty: hair, makeup, nails, etc. I enjoy spending time listening to music or watching movies with my family. I am a proud wife and mother. “

What’s cool to you? : “Understanding. Being compassionate for others.”

What’s sexy to you?:  “A good sense of humor… and tattoos. “

What do you want to tell the world as a plus size beauty?: “Thick, fat, chubby, plus size women are beautiful. Curves are making a comeback and it feels empowering. “

If someone wants to contact you after reading this , how could they reach you? : “They can check out this profile when it hits social media…I’ll be around!”

Smart, sexy, and beautiful. Yup, Doll has another winner. 🙂

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