What is a Fetish/Preference When Dating Plus Size Women?
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What is a Fetish/Preference When Dating Plus Size Women?

Yeesh. This has been a heated topic in the plus size/BBW dating community for years. What is a fetish, and what is a preference? From what I’ve been told, a fetish is a desire/like/want mainly based on a sexual quirk. Feeding, or sitting, etc. A preference is based on a desire for a certain type of person/situation/thing. Example: wanting to date a plus size woman because curves turn you on.

But…isn’t that a fetish? Wanting to be with a woman because of her body type? Just asking the question gives you more questions than answers. Indeed…the lines can be very blurry when trying to decide what a fetish is and what a preference is.

Below are several examples of a fetish and a preference, and what’s different about them. (It’s written from a male speaking perspective) Some of the examples, you can see stark differences, and some…you make the call on what’s what…because I was confused. And I wrote this piece!!

Fetish: “I’m obsessed with your stretch marks. I’d love to lick every single one of them.”

Preference: “Those stretch marks don’t bother me! Shows me that you’ve done some livin’!”

Fetish: “Can I…feed you? I’ve always had a desire to do that.”

Preference: “I’ve liked bigger girls my entire life, although I have dated a few thinner women in my day.”

Fetish: “I’d love to have sex with you, and see your body jiggle. Your big body fascinates me.”

Preference: “ I gotta see how that booty works in the sack! I have to have some cushion!”

Fetish: “I’d love for you to sit on me. Big women sitting on me is hot.”

Preference: “Sit all of that on my lap. You won’t hurt me!”

Fetish: “Tell me how much you weigh. That shit turns me on!!!!”

Preference: “As long as you’re healthy, you don’t have to tell me how much you weigh. I need to lose some pounds myself!”

Fetish: “The bigger, the better. I like my women riding scooters!”

Preference: “I like what I like. As long as you feel you are in good health, you are cool with me. If you want to lose weight, I fully support you.”

Fetish: “I just want a plus size woman to smother me!”

Preference: “…….This ‘preference’ guy above me is fuc*ing crazy!!!!”

What say you, faithful readers?

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