Today's Doll: Morgan Scott
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Today’s Doll: Morgan Scott

Hot and super sexy pics of plus size model Morgan Scott right HERE!

Our latest plus size model submission is a curvy, gorgeous Southern Belle who loves to show off for the camera whenever she can. That makes us very happy.

Tell us about yourself: “I’m a mother a three, and I love cooking ,baking and interacting with my kiddos. I enjoy doing makeup and hair, I have multiple piercings and planning to get some more! I’m a blue eyed queen.”

What’s cool to you?:Definitely tattoos piercings, boudoir photos, and meeting new people.”

What’s sexy to you?: “The confidence of others! “

What do you want to tell the world as a plus size beauty?: “We might be plus sized, but isn’t plus size better? We have more love to give…everyone loves a plus size madam! ”
Also, something sexy to me is someone who can be very dominant…If you know what I mean, ha!”

If someone wants to contact you after reading this , how could they reach you? :  “They can reach me via e-mail: .”

Everything is curvier in the South 😉

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