The 5 Types of Sexy Women
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The 5 Types of Sexy Women

Read this ULTIMATE list of the 5 types of sexy women!

Confident Sexy:  When a woman knows she’s the shi*…and she’s waiting for you to find out. This is the woman who glides into a room. The one who commands attention wherever she goes. This is the girl who’s confident at 7:30 in the morning with no makeup on, messy hair, and coffee breath. And you’d still drool over her.

Smart Sexy :  This is the kind of sexy where a woman is so smart it makes her hot. Fact: great conversation is sexy conversation. There’s something smoldering about a woman who’s brainy, witty, and cerebral. I’ve also “ahem”, heard that smart people are really, really great in bed.

Quirky Sexy:  You all know or know of the pixie, or the weird girl in your town. Or, you may know several. I’m betting at least one of them is actually kinda…sexy. Think late ‘80’s Winona Ryder, or Angelina Jolie in the 2000’s. They may carry a vial on blood around their necks, but they exude real sex appeal.

Funny Sexy:  Women love funny men. That’s also true for men, we love funny women. Women who are really funny are sexy. There’s something hot about a woman who’s quick witted and funny on a comedic level.

Sex Walking/Holy Shi* Sexy:  Every now and then, we see or meet a woman who’s just…dripping with sex appeal. She’s a walking sex meme. She’s a firecracker. She shimmies when she walks. She purrs when she talks. You can look her in the eyes for about 10 seconds until she either makes you melt, or hypnotizes you. She’s too sexy for her clothes and too sexy for the room. That’s the sex walking/holy shi* lady.

You guys/gals have any more types you would add to this list?

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