The 19 Best Kinds of Booties
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The 19 Best Kinds of Butts

The “I didn’t know she was doin’ it like THAT!Butt .

The “Swallow up the G-String.” Butt.

The “She’s fit AND she’s got a booty!” Butt.

The “Small waist, big a$$.” Butt.

The “Whooty (White woman with a big butt)” Butt.

The “Cotdayum!!!!” Butt.

The “I was walking down the street, listening to my favorite podcast, when all of the sudden I saw this AMAZING booty”. Butt.

The “Qpsh9f9hfhfhofhfigh!!!!!!!” Butt.

The “I came to watch a sporting event, this girl’s a$$ is phenomenal, now, how do I focus on the event!” Butt.

The “So that’s the reason why her husband never cheats!” Butt.

The “Young and perky.” Butt.

The “I don’t even care that my girlfriend is talking  to me right now.” Butt.

The “Please tell me you don’t have a man.” Butt.

The “I think I’m gonna be late to work this morning.” Butt.

The “Now, how can I concentrate on my workout?” Butt.

The “SSBBW (Super sized big beautiful woman)”, or “Super-Whooty” Butt.

The “Who do you need me to kill?” Butt.

The “Double Trouble” Butt.

The “She did get it from her Momma butt”, or “MILF ” Butt.

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