Today's Doll: Katie Keel
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Today’s Doll: Katie Keel

Here’s sexy and amazing pics of the beautiful BBW model Katie Keel!

Our new plus size model crush is a Midwestern firecracker from Columbus, Ohio. The 35 year old beauty actually has a naughty side: she’s been a Dominatrix for nearly a decade. Doll briefly chatted with the redheaded cutie, to get to know a little about her.

Tell us about yourself: “I’m a Domme. I’ve been a dominatrix for over nine years.”

What’s cool to you? : “Knowing oneself. Being able to self analyze, take stock and grow as a person.”

What ‘s sexy to you? : “Confidence. Open, honest, heart bearing communication. Trust & vulnerability.”

What do you want to tell the world as a plus size beauty? : “It really is all about you. No one’s opinion of you matters if you truly know who you are and your own character. The only person you should ever be concerned with being better than…is who you were yesterday.”

If someone wants to contact you after reading this , how could they reach you? :  “I can be reached on my Facebook profile.  My FetLife profile is BBWDenialTherapy.  And my e-mail is . “

If any of you wanted to contact Katie, we would understand 🙂

Images courtesy of Keith Stone.


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