The 3 Best Kinds of Morning Sex
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The 3 Best Kinds of Morning Sex

Here are the best kinds of morning sex!

The Morning Breath Is Bad, but Screw It: The realest kind, and probably the most common kind of morning sex. You both have crust in your eyes, pillows you’ve both kicked on the floor, and your breath smells like last night’s garlic flavored chicken wings and beer. And somehow, you’re both horny.  You two can’t breathe on each other, but you can do the Mattress Mambo.

The Unfinished Business: This is when you and your sleep mate were feeling frisky the night before, but you two were either too sleepy, or…too drunk/high to continue with the friskiness. It’s now Morning time…Round 2. Ring the bell, baby.

The Before Work Boom-Boom: The second most common kind of morning nookie. Sometimes, the booty is too soft, or she’s not wearing underwear…or both, and you two just need to get it in. The intensity and length of the session depends on who has to take a shower first.

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