The 5 Types of Sexy Women
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The 5 Types of Sexy Women

Confident Sexy:  When a woman knows she’s the shi*…and she’s waiting for you to find out. This is the woman who glides into a room. The one who commands attention wherever she goes. This is the girl who’s confident at 7:30 in the morning with no makeup on, messy hair, and coffee breath. And you’d… Continue reading The 5 Types of Sexy Women

Today's Doll: Lucy Villafan
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Today’s Doll: Lucy Villafan

Our latest plus size model obsession hails from Northern Kentucky. The Latinx vision spent a little time with Doll, and the result was a great chat...and HOT pictures. Tell us about yourself: " I like art, makeup, books & video games. I love my family, animals, and compassion. " When asked about her hobbies, Lucy… Continue reading Today’s Doll: Lucy Villafan

Today's Doll: Katie Keel
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Today’s Doll: Katie Keel

Our new plus size model crush is a Midwestern firecracker from Columbus, Ohio. The 35 year old beauty actually has a naughty side: she's been a Dominatrix for nearly a decade. Doll briefly chatted with the redheaded cutie, to get to know a little about her. Tell us about yourself: "I'm a Domme. I've been… Continue reading Today’s Doll: Katie Keel

The 3 Best Kinds of Morning Sex
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The 3 Best Kinds of Morning Sex

The Morning Breath Is Bad, but Screw It: The realest kind, and probably the most common kind of morning sex. You both have crust in your eyes, pillows you’ve both kicked on the floor, and your breath smells like last night’s garlic flavored chicken wings and beer. And somehow, you’re both horny.  You two can’t… Continue reading The 3 Best Kinds of Morning Sex