Yeah, Men. Sometimes, It IS Your Fault (That Women Run Away From You)
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Yeah, Men. Sometimes, It IS Your Fault (That Women Run Away From You)

…I wrote about this subject a few years ago, and it looks like I’m going to have to talk about it again. As a retired cocksman and former wild ass single man, I have a bit of expertise on what I’m about to say:

Many, many single straight men out here need to do better when it comes to dealing with women. Too many.

I know. Many guys would say “screw you!” to me, or worse. I understand that there are many dudes out here who don’t need my advice to meet women.

But…yeesh. There are a lot of guys who do.

Below is a list of things men (younger and older) should and shouldn’t do, when it comes to attracting women.

Men Should Not:

Grow unkempt beards/facial hair.

– Skip showers/baths.

– Have bad personal/fashion style.

– Smoke three packs of cigarettes in a span of an hour, and then sit next to a woman, and make her eyes water with your tear gas-like scent.

-Skip brushing their teeth and using mouthwash.

-Talk without having any kind of tact or social awareness.

Men Should:

– Groom their facial hair.

– Shower often.

– Learn how to dress, and find their own personal style.

– Brush their teeth, use mouthwash, and friggin’ vape…it’s 2018.

– Talk with and to women like an adult. It’s 2018…and you don’t want to end up a hashtag.

Nice talk (for any dude who needed it). Now, go and get some phone numbers.

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