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Things Plus Size Women Can Do (For Those Who Need To Know)

…for the ignant (Ignorant, had a ‘hood’ moment there). Plus size women can:

Get on top (Yup, that’s exactly what that means.)


– Slay a room.

-Slay any room.

Dance, very, very well.

– Twerk…better than anybody. (Please YouTube this. Thank me later.)

-Make heads swerve on any street in America.

-Make heads swerve across the globe (My blog metrics tell me curvy girls are the rage EVERYWHERE. Shout-out to Belgium!!)

-Be confident.

– Be witty.

– Be funny.

-Be brilliant.

-Be compassionate.

-Be sexy.

-Build you up.

– Kick your ass.

All items have been experienced by me, and I’m sure many lucky men.

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