You Know You’re a ‘Booty’ Man...
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You Know You’re a ‘Booty’ Man…

Fellas! Here’s how to know if you’re a booty man!

…when it’s the first physical thing you notice on a woman.

…when it’s your favorite (or close second) body part of a woman.

…when you notice the booty even when a woman wears loose clothing.

…when you have your own personal booty grading system.

…when you can’t wait to (with consent) grab the booty.

…when doggy style is pretty much the only way you want to (start to) have sex.

…when a woman having a nice booty makes her even that much more attractive.

…when you know exactly what kind of underwear (boy shorts, thongs, French cut, bikini, etc.) she’s wearing under her jeans.

…when you know she’s not wearing any underwear under her jeans.

…when you really like twerking videos.

…when a woman’s surprisingly nice booty may make you reconsider getting her phone number after a lackluster first encounter.

…when you know it may not be appropriate in certain social situations, but you stare at it anyway.

…when you can’t wait for your girl to sit on your lap.

…when the booty always gets you in trouble (good trouble, my friend).

…when the booty makes you put your phone away.

…when the booty gets you off Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

…when the booty makes you lose your train of thought.

…when the booty makes you want to get done with this article, and playfully slap your wife’s big booty.

Are you a booty man? If so, welcome the best club of all time.  🙂

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