Things Men That Date Plus Size Women Always Hear
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Things Men That Date Plus Size Women Always Hear

These are real things that have been said to me when I’ve dated plus size women!

“So, that’s what you like?”

“Oh. You like ‘em thick.

“You like big girls?”

You like big girls!!!! (Laughter)”

“Don’t you worry about her health?”

“Have you always liked bigger women?”

“Are you going to help her lose weight?”

“Was your last girlfriend skinny?”

“I see. You got with her because it’s Cuffing Season.”

“You must have a fetish.”

“Why her?”

“You like her because big girls are easy.”

Another Black guy with a fat girl.”

“Do you have self-esteem problems?”

“You know she’ll have health problems, right?”

“You can do better.”

“Do you really like her?”

Yeah. People can suck. If you do date plus size women, don’t let the haters win.

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