Why Am I Single?
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Why Am I Single?

Here are the real reasons why YOU are single!

You are single…

Because you have a divine mission, and a relationship isn’t in the plans. Yet.

Because you’re supposed to invent something.

Because you’re supposed to build something.

Because you’re supposed to create something.

Because you aren’t ready for love.

Because the partner you are destined to love isn’t ready for love. Yet.

Because you’ve got as* to kick out here. Love will come later.

Because you are a mess.

Because you aren’t paying attention to the person who’s actually in love with you.

Because you aren’t sure about your sexuality.

Because you are surrounded by haters.

Because you’re supposed to help your community.

Because you’re supposed to run for office.

Because you have God-given talents you need to develop.

Because you keep listening to your damaged friend’s bad advice.

Because you need to be brave, and put yourself out there.

Because you need to rock out, leave a trail of bodies, and create some spectacular stories.

Because…maybe you’ll like it.

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