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How To Find A Fat Friendly Nightspot

Ladies. Here’s how to find a fat friendly nightspot in your city!

Throughout the years, many of my friends who are women have expressed sadness over the difficulty of finding fat friendly night spots. Particularly, bars/nightclubs/night-life venues for curvy/chubby/plus size women to go to. While it may seem strange that anyone would need to seek out specific places to hang out, it’s actually not weird at all (well, after I learned a few things).

What I’ve discovered is that many women, due to their perception of their body type (or, how they think other people may perceive it), may not feel comfortable going to an establishment that’s mainly populated by people (other women, mainly) with more typical body shapes. And my friends that have felt that way range in size/weight from SSBBW’s to women who are simply curvy. What I’ve also found out is that a huge number of women don’t know of any place to go to where they could feel comfortable.

Well, as a guy who used to organize BBW parties, and hang out in plus size friendly establishments, I have a few suggestions for any women out there who are looking for any. You could check out:

A nightclub/bar that caters to an older crowd: In my experience, I’ve found that places who market to a 25 and up demo seem to be more size friendly. I think it’s due to more mature attitudes about things overall from older people, and also, most of us gain weight as we get older. I’m a small framed, short guy, and I battle with my bulbous stomach often. Venues like these can be the perfect places to go for women (and men) dealing with body anxiety.

A racially diverse establishment: As a Black man, I can tell you that culturally, we appreciate full figured women. We really do. And, so does Latinx culture. Plainly put, BBW’s, in my experience, tend to flourish in ethnically diverse settings. That’s not to say that a woman with curves can’t have fun in a less diverse situation. It’s just, hearing from a good amount of ladies over the years about how free they felt having fun in an environment that dug them, the impression I’ve gotten is that women should know that a mixed crowd is always an exciting and available option.

A BBW party/size acceptance event: You could say “Duh!” to this idea, but, many women still don’t know about these events. To the uniformed: BBW parties are weekend parties (or weekend-long bashes) specifically catered to plus size women and men who like/date plus size women. If you are a woman who is interested in attending an event in your area, I’d suggest checking Google, and then looking for info on Facebook. There’s been an explosion of BBW parties in America alone in the past 5 years or so. If you can’t find one in your immediate area, see if there’s one in a region near you.

If any of you out there have any suggestions, let me know. I’m always down to learn!

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