Dear Woman Who’s Hating Herself Right Now
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Dear Woman Who’s Hating Herself Right Now

Here’s an article for any woman who wants to keep her head up. We got you!

Yes, you.

The one who’s thinking “I hate myself”. The one who hates her weight, her hair, her face, her height. Every part of you. The one who’s currently in the mirror, staring at herself, taking herself apart piece by piece.

I want to say something to you.

I want to say “Stop!” “Stop doing that to yourself! Why are you doing this?”

I’m not going to do that.

I’m not going to say “Stop.”

I’m going to say…”I’m sorry.”

I’m going to say “sorry” for myself, and the many men that you’ve come across in your life who never told you that you were beautiful. That you were gorgeous. That you were brilliant. That you were…cool.

I also want to say “sorry” for not telling you any of these things while you were being your authentic self: heavy, curvy, chubby, overweight, tall, quirky, nerdy, awkward, etc.

Ya’ see, men (including myself) may tend to not show…appreciation towards the women in our lives and our professional/public/private orbits. You can chalk it up to changing social norms, or, general lunk-headedness from guys. Sometimes, dudes can be slow on the uptake when it comes to noticing things, no matter how special they are.

Note the word ‘appreciation’ that I used. When I talk of telling you that you are beautiful, I don’t mean me, a man, validating your existence with me saying that you are pretty. I understand…you don’t live for the male gaze and our existential “thumbs up”. I get that. I’m talking about appreciating your natural attributes as an affirmation of your magic whole self.

Due to you not being told that you are indeed special, you’ve gone through life not feeling…special. You feel anything but. Men catcall, but they don’t compliment. The media tells you that you’re fat if you aren’t a size 10. You create something that’s genius, and you may have to fight to get recognized. And the dating game? In a Tinder/PlentyOfFish world? I bet it’s tough. Friends and family? They may have, unfortunately, made you feel like shit, too.

Well, today, I’m telling you that I’m sorry. And that I’ll do better. I’ll go harder with this blog. I’ll go harder in real life.  I’ll strengthen its message: that women everywhere are awesome as they are, and there are a legion of men (and women) who agree, and support them. I’ll try my best to galvanize them. And then we will all tell you that you are beautiful, gorgeous, brilliant…

…and pretty fucking cool.

Thank you for your time,

Greg, Editor In Chief of Doll.

(And guy who’s always trying to grow).

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