The Best Sex Positions For Plus Size Women
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The Best Sex Positions For Plus Size Women

THIS IS ONLY FOR THE WOMEN AND MEN WHO ARE CURIOUS. I’m not assuming that many plus size women and their male admirers need this “advice”. This insight is for anyone out there who’s curious about the best sex positions for plus size women. For whatever reason (even the most obvious one). Below are the best positions that I know of (and have done. Not a brag…just a…testimonial of a sort.)

1. Doggie Style: An obvious one. Easy to do, and a very mobile sexual position: it can be done pretty much anywhere. For women who may have body issues, it pretty much eliminates the act of getting fully nude. The only part of you that will be “out” is your booty. For what it’s worth, if a girl has a big butt, it’s extra awesome for the guy…trust me. Lastly, it’s sooooo friggin’ easy to do. Lady bends over, dude mounts. At least that’s how it should be done.

2. The Missionary Position: This potentially dull position actually works well…because size has(mostly) nothing to do with doing it. A woman lays flat on her back. A man (or woman) lays on top of her. Some sort of pelvic thrusting happens. That’s pretty much it. The women I’ve been with who had any kind of body image worries really didn’t feel uncomfortable with this position while they were nude, or partially nude. And physically, there aren’t any major contortions you have to do during it, so for heavier women, it’s pretty much a cinch.

3. The Scoop: This is when a couple lays down in bed, and the guy gets behind the girl, while holding her from behind, also while laying on their side. This is a great sexual position, not only for plus size women/couples, but for typically sized couples as well. Women who may have size esteem issues may really like this position…not only won’t a woman’s entire body be visible, but the position offers really easy access from the backside, which is good for ladies who may be exceptionally bigger. That really easy access will also be great for the men.

In closing, THIS IS ONLY FOR THE WOMEN AND MEN WHO ARE CURIOUS. Nothing more, nothing less.

Now, rock on and practice all of these positions tonight 😉


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