Why Every Man Wants To Sleep With You
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Why All Men Want To Sleep With You

Ladies, pretty much all men want to sleep with you. Here’s WHY!

 All (straight) men look at you. We notice every curve. Every detail. Your clothes. Your hair. We love your voice, and your beautiful eyes. Your hips call us, and your shapely legs mesmerize us. We want you. We lust for you. We, myself, that dude in the corner, even that really old guy, we all want to sleep with you.

But here’s the kicker.

Just because we would like to, doesn’t mean we’ll try to.

Once again, women of the world.

Just because a man would LIKE to sleep with you, doesn’t mean he’ll TRY to.

I’m writing this, because I think something’s been lost in this particular dialogue between men and women. I understand that women have fought for respect for decades, and that they have the right to not be ogled by creeps. I am all for women’s rights (really common sense rights for all humans). I’m totally against any form of sexual harassment, and inappropriate sexual conversations in the workplace and social situations.

However. Men are men. And most (typical) men go all reptile brain when they see a woman that they are attracted to. We can’t help it. One of my personal heroes, sports radio host Colin Cowherd, has said several times, “Two things make smart men dumb. Sports and hot women”  I’m sure Gandhi himself would high five a stranger if he saw Kim Kardashian walking down the street. Men love women. Men go crazy for hot women or things about a woman we may individually consider hot. We may not show it. We may stop drooling just in time to turn our gaze downward when the woman we may be drooling over sees us, but we are watching.

And that’s OK.

Just because we would like to, doesn’t mean we’ll try to.

This goes for all women. Yes, we’ll obviously lose our shit over the hottie who’s gym toned and has 4% body fat. But we (men) are also checking out the full figured woman at the other end of the bar, and the older woman at the gas station. Good men (plugging) like what they like, and lust after what they consider sexy.

But ladies. Please remember. We don’t mean any harm. We are just appreciating one of the coolest creations God has ever made. You. The woman. All of you. If you catch a man out the corner of your eye, (respectfully) checking you out? Don’t get mad. Don’t get upset.

Just because we would like to… doesn’t mean we’ll try to.

(This article has been ‘remixed’. It originally appeared at The Good Men Project)

(Image courtesy of Single Black Male)


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