Why Your Big Booty Is Amazing
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Why Your Big Booty Is Amazing

Your big booty is the amazing because…

– It looks incredible in leggings.

– It looks incredible in yoga pants.

– It looks super, duper, unreal in the right undies 🙂

– It looks amazing in jeans.

– It’ll make a man jealous…who isn’t even your boyfriend.

– Songs have been made about it.

– Songs will always be made about it.

– It can cause a small traffic accident.

– It’s guaranteed to get a guy to buy you several drinks at a bar.

– You’ll automatically get, like, %10 of most men’s paychecks with it.

– It jiggles when you walk.

– It jiggles when you stand still.

– It’s the best kind of booty to have for doggie sty—- never mind. 🙂

– It feels wonderful when you give me permission to touch it.

– Twerking was made for your kind of booty.

– It’ll hold my attention, like, forever.

– It makes men from all races and backgrounds high five each other as you walk by.

– It makes even the coolest, most handsome men alive make this face:

(Featured image courtesy of Pinterest)


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