"Should I Take Off My Clothes To Have Sex?" A Real Question For Many Women
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“Should I Take Off My Clothes To Have Sex?” A Real Question For Many Women

I know. I’m a guy. And I can understand it being odd that a guy is giving women advice about having sex. Trust me. But, I have a large number of female friends, and I’ve overheard (and also had several direct convos with) women talking about the subject of getting fully nude before having sex.  And the question “Should I take off my clothes to have sex?” for women can be a very deep one. One several levels.

There are women, who, because of body issues (possibly, presumably), aren’t comfortable getting completely naked before The Act. There are women who are comfortable with their bodies who prefer to be naked while making love. Neither woman is “right” or “wrong” with their choice.

My two cents in this discussion is, as a life-long BBW admirer, I’ve never had an issue with any woman I’ve been with being fully nude while we had sex. I prefer it, as do many men who share my dating preference (possibly, presumably). So, know that there are men out there who will love your curvy, plus size body, if you decide to be nude.

As a dude, I think I’ve said as much as I can about this topic. It crossed my mind while I was surfing the dating/sex/size acceptance interwebs. I know how much of a premium is put on body image in this country, and the potential long term damage it can do to a woman’s self esteem. I guess I just want my female readers, and my friends to know that it’s entirely OK what you choose to do (NOT that you need my approval, or any mans) in this situation.

I also want you to know that there are more than enough men in the world who will also be cool with any option you choose…just as long as they get to be with you.

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  1. Well I guess it’s up to the woman if she wants to do it like that I mean I’m not going to force her to do that. If she don’t want to have sex either I’m not going to get mad about it…..

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