What Your Boyfriend Really Thinks About You
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What Your Boyfriend Really Thinks About You

Hey ladies! Here’s what your boyfriend REALLY thinks about you!

Here’s the cold, hard truth about what your boyfriend really thinks about you, your thoughts, your quirks, and your life. Ladies…are you ready for the realness?

Your man thinks:

– Your hair looks great.

– You look fine in that outfit.

– You look good as hell in that dress.

– Your butt is big. And he loves it.

-You can stand to lose a few pounds…and so can he.

– Your saved radio stations in the car kinda suck, but that’s OK.

– You secretly love watching ESPN with him. You probably don’t, but that’s OK.

-Your feet are cute.

– Your friends are weird, but they love and care for you, so that’s cool.

– You like Star Wars. You’re just too stubborn to admit it.

– You look adorable when you’re asleep.

-You’re scary when you’re angry.

-You light up a room when you laugh.

– You’re really smart. Probably smarter than him.

– “She picked me?!”

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