3 Signs That A Man Loves Plus Size Women
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3 Signs That A Man Loves Plus Size Women

Yes, there are 3 signs that a man loves plus size women!

It’s true. This is for women to know, but also for men, too. Especially the men who are starting to realize that they do dig bigger women. There are three giveaways that a guy really likes curvy women. If you want to know what they are, without further ado…

3 Signs That A Man Loves Plus Size Women:

1. The More Curves He Sees, The More He Looks: An average guy might see a woman who’s really shapely, and stare a little longer than usual. A man who likes BBW’s will see a girl who’s curvy and do a quadruple take. Fact: men who prefer bigger ladies go crazy for their curves. If a woman is filling out her leggings, and killing it, the plus size admirer will notice. Ditto for yoga pants, and form fitting jeans. If there’s a woman out there who’s wondering if a man is paying attention to them, in a good way, when they are showing off their curves (though, sometimes, that happens unintentionally), believe me, there is.

2. He Won’t Criticize A Plus Size Woman’s Weight. When a guy who’s into women of size interacts with them, he won’t say anything, or make them feel badly about their weight. Now…if a woman asks for his opinion about her weight, most of these type of men will offer their constructive thoughts and opinions. He may give a woman advice on how to workout, eat better, and live healthier, while not shaming their bodies. BBW lovers have no problem with women who want to improve themselves physically. They will encourage it. They will also understand that the same women want to do so on their own terms. And these gentlemen will fully support them.

3. He ‘ahem’, Will Appreciate A Woman’s Curves. I’ll leave this paragraph as PG (ok, PG-13) as possible. When a guy who’s really into curves gets to…encounter them, he’ll really relish the opportunity (consensually, of course.). Let’s keep it real, a dude who’s been admiring a woman’s shapely body can’t wait to see it. When he does get that chance, he’s not going to make any crappy comments, he’s not going to make any remarks about keeping the lights on, and he will mind if you keep your shirt on while, ‘ahem’, whoopee is being made. A true BBW admirer will explore each and every part of a lady he’s dating.

These are the 3 signs that a man loves plus size women. If there any fellas out there who fit the criteria I just posted, congrats. You love plus size women. If you are a plus size woman who knows a guy (or guys) like this…call him.

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