3 Reasons To Love Your Booty
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3 Reasons To Love Your Booty

Ladies! Yes, there are 3 reasons to love your booty!

If you have recently stressed or frowned about your bootay, for any number of reasons (it’s big, it’s wide, it’s too big and wide), I’m here to tell you, “don’t”. Size acceptance can be hard, but, as you’re probably already aware of , your size is beautiful…and so is that wonderful butt of yours. Right below are the 3 Reasons To Love Your Booty:

1. Many men love the booty. Take it from a booty connoisseur, a ton of men are “booty-men”. Lot’s of guys dig women with ample or noticeable rear ends. If you don’t believe me, check out the many odes to the tush that have been made by recording artists over the years. You probably don’t even need me to tell you that dudes like the “cakes”. You just need to know that it’s a wonderful thing. Trust and believe, there’s a guy out there who can’t wait to buy you a few drinks, just based on admiring your lovely rump.

2. The booty has been the rage for over a decade. Just say the name “J.Lo“, and one of the first things that comes to mind is that famous booty of hers. And it’s been famous for years. Jennifer Lopez helped to usher in an age where women’s curves have been more accepted than they’ve ever been. And right behind her have been the Kardashian clan: a family of women with curves and shapely butts. Let’s not forget the many famous women who’ve embraced their humps…or allegedly paid for them. The point is, if you are a woman who may be feeling self conscious about your caboose…don’t. You are part of a special tribe.

3. Booties are awesome. You can’t twerk without a nice sized booty. You cant fill out a nice pair of jeans without some junk in the trunk. You can’t make your leggings jiggle without some jelly. You can’t make men accidentally walk into a wall without having a serious onion. The booty, your booty, is a amazing thing. It’s a great attribute that’s sexy, to men and women. Trust me, a great butt can change the atmosphere of a room. Nearly any room.

If there are any women out there who may have hang-ups of any kind about their booty, you shouldn’t. You live in the best time in American history to have a nice one. So, go and embrace your curves, and shake that incredible a**.

Because the whole world is now watching, Doll.

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