The 2 Reasons Why Men Don't Like You
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The 2 Reasons Why Men Don’t Like You

Girls, here are 2 very important reasons why men don’t like you!

“Why don’t men like me?” is a question that many single women ask themselves. Women may feel that they have “the goods”: good health, good looks, good job, but they may feel that men still overlook them…or just plain won’t talk to them. Well, I’m here to tell you why it seems that men don’t like you. Below are The 2 Reasons Why Men Don’t Like You:

  1. Men DO Like You. Trust me. Somewhere out there, there is a man (or men) who likes you. A lot. There is a guy at the convenience store who loves your curves. There’s a guy at the deli who digs your quirky sense of humor. There’s a dude at your gym who melts when he sees your freckles. The point is, women are more admired than they realize. The reason they don’t know it is…
  2. You Don’t Realize That Men Like You. Sometimes, all of us get distracted with the bustle of everyday life. We don’t often get the chance to concentrate on the micro because we’re obsessed with the macro. Sometimes, women may not realize that they may indeed have admirers. Here’s a Man Tip: not every guy has “game”. Many men don’t have Denzel Washington’s charisma. There are a lot of men who are shy. Who may not have the confidence to approach you. You may think that men aren’t approaching you because you aren’t hot. Men may be hesitant to talk to you because you are hot.

In closing, these are The 2 Reasons Why Men Don’t Like You.  There are guys who like you, so you can stop asking yourself, “Why don’t men like me?”, and start noticing the men who do dig you.  Things will be a lot better for you, trust me.

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