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The Three Things That Guys Really Like About Women

Ladies. If you are looking for a relationship with a man, you may need to know the things  guys really like about women!

I mean what men really dig about women. Not what you’ve read from magazine articles (ironic, I know), or not what you’ve seen from daytime talk shows. You need to hear (read) about it from a guy…me. There are three things that guys really like about women. They are:

Women being themselves: In reality, men love it when women are totally being their authentic selves. When a woman is being her quirky, funny, awkward self, that’s the girl that ends up stealing a guy’s heart. Or, when a woman living in all of her brainy, clever, and strong glory. That’s the gal that a man is going to propose to one day. Ladies, if you are interested in finding a relationship, the first and best thing to do is enter it being unapologetically you.

Individual beauty: Got to break it to you, looks do matter. It’s the truth. Men are attracted to…attractive women. It’s a fact.

Now, here’s the kicker. Men are actually attracted to individual beauty. What do I mean? All women are beautiful in their own way. You may not be as hot as Margot Robbie, but you are hot in your own way. As a man, I can tell you from experience that the women I’ve dated had a personal style that drove me wild. Wild, but stylish curly hair. A funky, but sexy retro fashion sense. The women that turned me on were gorgeous on their terms. They took the time to find their cosmetic strong points, and accentuated them.

Men are drawn to beauty. But, the right man will be drawn to your beauty. If you haven’t yet, find your beautiful.

Self-confidence: This attribute is usually reserved for men.  Pretty much exclusively, when it comes to American media. Well, as a man first, and writer second, I’m here to tell you that self-confidence is something that women should have too. Real men dig women with self-esteem. All of us, men and women, have our insecurities. But, we can’t dwell on them. The kind of women that men are drawn to are the ones who are confident in themselves, despite any imperfections they may have. Self-assured women rock, shrinking violets don’t.

I hope my advice helps you. Or, at the least, you had a nice, heartwarming laugh. I’m no dating expert…I’m just a guy who’s dated a few awesome women in my time.


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