What Makes A Woman Sexy?
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What Makes A Woman Sexy?

Women! Here’s what really makes a woman sexy!

Ladies of the world. It may seem, dating-wise, that no one likes you. At times, it may seem that nobody… will ever love you.

Guess what? There are men out here who think that you are a wonderful woman. Smart. Gifted. Funny. Hot. Sexy.


You. Are. Sexy. To someone.

Many women these days, and, you could be one of them, don’t know if they are…sexy. They don’t know if they are alluring to men, or women. And, not only do they not know if they are sexy, they may not know what is sexy…about themselves.

Now, what makes you sexy?

You make “you” sexy. You are sexy.

I don’t know you. We’ve never met. But, I can tell you, without meeting you, what is sexy about you.

You ready?

Your fire red hair. Your tattoos. Your love of books. Your passion for taking in rescue animals. Your collection of vintage clothes. Your gap toothed smile. Your afro. Your pixie cut. Your powerful intellect. Your wicked sense of humor. Your fabulous booty. Your short, but oh-so-cute legs. Your crazy laugh.

YOU are sexy.

I’ll share another nugget of into with you. Women these days don’t hear it enough from the right people. Most women, unfortunately, get cat called from guys, but they don’t get many compliments from men. The media celebrates women with %2 body fat, but not so much the women who may be curvier than average, or bigger, or shorter, or taller. That, frankly…sucks.

Well, today, you are hearing it from me. And, don’t worry. Someday, you’ll hear it from the right man, or the right woman. But, until that day comes, just know that this guy, who’s seen his share of women, knows that you are a knockout.

See you next article….with your sexy ass.


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