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3 GUARANTEED Things That Men Won’t Care About When Dating Women

Here are 3 things that are NOT dating deal breakers for men!

I’m not a relationship expert. I’m just a guy who’s made out on a few sofas in his time. I’m semi-decent at writing, so sometimes, I write articles that share what I’ve experienced and learned in my 44 years of life. Today, I’ve got a list of three things that many women I’ve talked to worry about, but, honestly, shouldn’t. They’re listed below, and, since I like to keep it real, these are items that I’ve had to deal with as a once single man. If you like what I’ve listed below, contact me. If you don’t like what you’ll read, contact me. All dialogue is good dialogue.

The three things that men won’t care about when dating women are:

1. Her weight. All men, all people really, have preferences. That’s life. Some men may not like full figured, curvy, or, heavier women.

The thing is…I said some men.

Many men will have no problem with a woman’s weight. More than a few men prefer women who are bigger. You’d be surprised at how many men love a woman with a…big butt. (I’m one of them 🙂 )Those curves of yours may open more doors and turn on more men than you think. If you are a woman who thinks that your size may have hindered your dating prospects, there is an old Urban term that applies… “Get in where you fit in”. In other words, find either, men who do like curvy women, or find places with men who like curvy women.

Now, if you want to lose weight for health reasons, or, cosmetic ones, that’s totally your call. But, if you are thinking about dieting to attract men, you may want to reconsider that. Because you could be losing the “cushion for the pushin’” that an admirer of yours may really like.

2. The fact she has kids. If you are a woman over the age of 28, most likely, you’ll have at least one child. Most men know and accept this. If you have multiple children, let’s say, 2 to 3, most men really won’t be scared away. Men know that you may have dated, been in long term relationships with, and even married other guys before they came along…and more than likely had children. Also, many men themselves may have kids. In my experience, the fact that a woman has children was never really a dating deterrent.

Now, if you have multiple bad kids, that’s a different thing/story/article altogether. It’s not easy for a man to deal with children with disciplinary issues (I’m not including behavioral disorders, ADHD,ADD, the autism spectrum, etc.), I’ve been there myself, too. But, it’s possible that you may meet a man who has the patience to work with your kids, and help change them for the better. It has happened.

3. Her past. Unless you were the commander of an ISIS cell back in the day, your past shouldn’t hinder your dating life. I’ve dated women who were strippers, ex-cons, troublemakers, alcoholics, drug users and dealers, and even one embezzler. Every one of those women I described, by the way, completely turned their lives around for the better. Many men out there won’t hold your old life against you. A number of them won’t because…their pasts are kinda gnarly. No one is perfect. In many instances, the brightest of us have had the darkest beginnings. For the most part, men who are interested in you won’t trip if you have some skeletons in your closet.

For those of you who may have health issues you ended up with as a result of your early lives, breathe easy. One of the many things the internet is actually good for is community creation. There are many groups/clubs for people who have diseases (HIV, herpes, hepatitis, etc.) and health issues…even dating groups. In the 21st century, it’s easier than it’s ever been to meet people who’ve “chewed the same dirt” as you.

There’s the list. Ladies, don’t let concerns about your size, kids, or your wild youth scare you out of thinking that you don’t deserve love. Or that you won’t ever find someone to love. There’s a reformed ex-knucklehead out there waiting to claim your damaged, flawed, magical, wonderful ass.

Shine on.


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