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The Signs Of Good Pu**y


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(Sometimes, we get a little raunchy here at Doll. Just know, it’s all out of love:) )


Ladies! If you’ve read my work over the years, you know that one of things I do (and well, I hope) is keep it real with you. One hundred percent. Well, today is a day I’m going to keep it super real with you all.

From recent convos with female friends, many of you don’t pat yourself on the back. You don’t give yourselves enough credit. You see, a large number of you are currently seeing men now. You having sex regularly with one guy. And that guy does things that you may find…peculiar. Quirky. Weird. And you want to know why.

I’m here to tell you why. Ladies, if your “regular” dude does any of the things that you will see below, it’s not because he’s crazy. It’s because, you did something right. You did something wonderful. Well…you possess something wonderful.

You have…Good Pu**y.

You read that right. You’ve got Good Pu**y. Magic between your legs. Cosmic-level vagina. You’ve got that good stuff that drives men crazy.

The problem is, many women don’t know they have it. And that’s a tragedy.

Well, today, I’m going to reveal three signs that will let you know if you have Good Pu**y. If the guy you are currently getting busy with does any, or, all three things, then start giving yourself props.

Because you got that Bomb Shit.

Ladies…concerning the man you are currently involved with:


  1. If he obsess over the Pu**y: If he’s at work, and he can’t stop thinking about your sexual “episodes”, then you have Good Pu**y. If he’s driving, and he’s speeding 20 mph over the speed limit, gets pulled over by the cops…and he doesn’t even care, because he was daydreaming about your last sexual encounter, that’s the power of Good Pu**y. If a guy is playing video games, working out at the gym…catching up with his grandparents, and he can only think about your legs in the air, then you, ma’am, have Good Pu**y. When he’s “liking” everything you post on Facebook, (if you have slept with the guy), chalk that up to your Enchanted Vagina.

2. If you end up in a Quasi-Relationship: When you have Good Pu**y, and a fortunate man discovers your Good Pu**y, he won’t want anyone else to know about it. Now, usually, when that happens, that means he might want to start a relationship with you. Usually. Sometimes, a guy may want to stay single…but have a relationship with your Magic Pu**y. You can call this friends with benefits, but really, it’s a Quasi-Relationship. A kind of, Blurry Union. Ladies, I can’t tell you to either accept this arrangement or not accept it. What I can tell you is that when a man does this, it’s got nothing to do with how he feels about you…it’s the gravitational pull of that Good Pu**y of yours.

Good Pu**y renders male brain cells useless.


  1. Increased texting. Frequency and time: Ladies, if you have Good Pu**y, get ready for the guy you’re seeing to text you. A lot. Even if he’s completely confident and sane, Good Pu**y can bring out the stalker tendencies in a man. Get ready for texts to come in when you’re at : work, the spa, the gym, your Mom’s house, home, the mall, the bathroom…Good Pu**y texts will find you wherever you go. Also, get ready for texts to come at: night, morning, early morning, really early morning, the afternoon, during meetings, workouts, Netflix nights, nights out with your girls, etc. REMEMBER: This man is not a stalker. He’s just in the mystical throws of your…you know.


Now that you know about your Good Pu**y, take a bow. Bask in the glow of your gift, and then harness its power. Because you indeed have power, ladies.

Ask all of the men who still can’t get you off their minds.


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  1. And when every male friend texted her that she dont let you know about hides her friends from you wont friend you or share a pic of you to together amd gets texts in the morming from some male friend after being out all night without you acting dumb sayjng i dunno i left my phone on the bar and runs away when you wanna talm about it..everyone else getting that vajay too ..and no such thing as magic vajay that just reinforces them to cheat on you so thx for perpetuating it with articles like this… now thx to social media it ruins relationships

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