Plus Size Women STILL Have Trouble Finding Clothes For Themselves
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Plus Size Women STILL Have Trouble Finding Clothes For Themselves


Here’s why plus size women have trouble finding clothes to buy!

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Color me shocked about this one. Since the Size Acceptance movement gained steam over the years, and America has finally embraced (I guess, to a point) women with curves, I figured that the fashion industry read the tea leaves, and decided to make more clothes for plus size women.

According to several articles, this isn’t the case at all. It’s still a battle for many plus size women to find clothes from their favorite designers that are made for them. Recently, a group of women in Seattle, Washington spoke with a sportswear company about creating plus sizes for their line (looking at the company’s website, the talk worked). A fashion designer who admitted not long ago that his business made a lot more money since he added a plus size line was perplexed as to why more clothing companies haven’t done the same thing.

What gives? Do these fashion/apparel companies not think that curvy women…aren’t pretty?

They must not think that this is hot…


Or this…


(This is plus size supermodel Ashley Graham, by the way)


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